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It is a classical, light beer with rich hop flavour and hop bitterness. “Pils” is a rather strong drink with alcohol 4,5 % (wort level 12 %). Sometimes it is called Pilsner, because this beer is made according to the traditional recipe of Plzeñ (Tschechien). The secret of its taste is brewing by low- temperature fermentation. “Pils” is served at 9o C. Experts advice to have the beer as aperitif or with fish dishes.

This beer has the softest taste, it is light ale with alcohol 4,2 % (wort level 11 %). The name of the clear beer with balanced taste and soft hop bitterness is translated from German as “light golden”. We recommend this beer for ladies.

Classical dark beer “Marzen” (March) is traditionally brewed up in spring for Oktoberfest. This beer has medium strength, alcohol 4,3 %, wort level 12,5 %. Rich colour, balanced malt taste, caramel malt flavour and soft hop bitterness distinguish “Marzen” from other sorts of beer. This beer is often served in the end of September and during traditional October street festivities in Munich (Oktoberfest). Gourmets enjoy “Marzen” with chicken meat, pork meat and any savouries.

It is a light, strong beer with pure taste and fermented malt flavour with tasty hop bitterness. Alcohol 5,8 % and wort level 16 %. Long period of fermentation and afterfermentation provides beer with strength. Colour of the beer can vary from the lightest tones to darkish tints. “Bock” is usually served in the end of winter, early spring or autumn, it depends, of course, in what part of world you are. It is traditionally served at 9o C with small sausages flavoured with spicery.

It is a dark dense beer, alcohol 4,3 %, wort level 13 %. Rich colour and dark malt flavour are felt in “Dunkles Special” clearly. The beer has balanced bouquet with notes of hop bitterness and caramel. This special taste is made thanks to use of the combination from five sorts of malt during brewing. “Dunkles Special” devotees enjoy it with shin of pork stewed in this beer and garlic.


The brewery “Bierhof” is fitted out by the equipment made by Austrian firm “Salm Brau”, this firm was found in1924. “Salm Brau” is one of the oldest firm in Europe in manufacture of breweries.

Beer is brewed up on “Salm Brau” equipment according to Reinheitsgebot (Code of Beer Purity), that was adopted in 1516 in Ingolstadt (Bavaria). This standard became the confidential example of the best product for brewers all over the world.

Only four ecological ingredients are used for brewing:

— malt and hop (from Austria or Germany);

— water after multistage treatment;

— brewing yeast.

Concise description of brewing technology in the brewery “Bierhof”

We fill the mashing brewing copper with specially treated water, then we add ready-made crushed malt. These components are mixed and stood in temperature intervals.

We pump over the derived mash in the filter vat and settle for some time. At the end of the operations we filtrate pure wort in the mashing brewing copper till fixed density.

Then wort is brought to boil in the copper and hop is added, boiling lasts some time. After that we pump over wort in the whirlpool, where sediments of hop settle.

We cool and oxygenate wort. Cooled wort is pumped over in the fermenter and we add brewing yeast in the wort stream.

As a result, we have young beer, it is pumped over in the storage tank till maturing of the beer.

Finished beer is transferred to the collecting tank and barreled.

Brewing (from crushed malt till finished beer for our guests) takes us more than a month.


The bar is on the first floor of the restaurant complex “Bierhof”. The interior of the bar is made in Alpine chalet style. Arched ceiling is decorated with massive wooden timbers and forged lamps fixed by chains. Strong tables, chairs and bar counter are made of pine wood.

There are a lot of old domestic articles in our bar. They were bought in flea markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland . Our guests can see old Austrian alpine skis, clocks, musical instruments, telephones of the early XX century.

“Bierhof” can receive 80 guests all together at the same time. Everyone will find suitable place in our bar as it is divided into some cosy areas.

In our bar all guests have the opportunity to see direct transmissions of sports programs, fashion TV programs and MTV channel. At day time we offer business lunch for our guests.

The brewery is a great pride of “Bierhof”. Only patent glass separates the guests of the bar from the working area of the brewery. Our guests can watch production process of speciality “living” beer, it is place of interest no doubt.


The beer restaurant “Bierhof” is situated on the second floor of the complex. The interior of the restaurant is made in the best traditions of Europe. Arched ceiling is decorated with scrolled wooden timbers. The bar counter and furniture are made of oak and beech wooden. The walls are decorated with reproductions by Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha.

Main hall can receive 70 guests. Comfortable sofas, little tables for two-four guests, large tables for a big company are always at our guests disposal. There is VIP - room for 12 guests with a private entrance in the restaurant.

Our restaurant will do for romantic supper “with candles”, hobnob, solemn celebrations exceptionally.

Unstrained, unpasteurized beer brewed up in our brewery gives zest to “Bierhof”.


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